When it comes to social media, Facebook is a behemoth. Earlier this year, the big blue social network had 1.28 billion monthly active users. That is head and shoulders above other popular sites like Twitter or Pinterest.

Translation: Using Facebook correctly can be a huge opportunity for both individuals and businesses. Post the right types of content at the right times of day and you can see a flood of new customers or fans of your brand.

But as with any opportunity, Facebook has a number of moving, sometimes confusing parts. Facebook marketing is one part art, one part science, mixing bits of human interaction with actual product marketing.

The tips below aim to answer some of the questions you might have about creating and getting the most out of a Facebook page. Give these some thought and start rocking it on Facebook — now.

  1. When posting, don’t forget the pictures.
  2. Know when’s best to post.
  3. Attract customers and increase engagement by asking questions and creating contests.
  4. Let your emotions out.
  5. Encourage employees and fans to ‘check in.’
  6. Remember, niche is more important than numbers.
  7. Etiquette should be a top priority.
  8. Don’t panic if your organic reach isn’t crazy high.
  9. Consider giving Facebook Advertising a try.
  10. Speaking of ads, you can personally opt out if you want to.