My website was made in Drupal and it was working well for more than 2 years, but then after been exposed to Wordpress and making & managing 15 sites I really started to like WordPress a lot. WordPress Hooks, Filters, Shortcodes, Plugin, etc really excited me a lot and development was made really easy. So finally after a long consideration and though I finally decided to go ahead with WordPress.

But migrating was not that easy, there are no easy import functionality in WordPress alike other blogging system. No plugins in Drupal to export a WordPress XML format, etc.

Goggling, I landed few blog post but those were not straight forward and one shot process. Most of them SQL query based and it is likely of them not to work fine for all users. So though of making a PHP script which would do the same stuff but in a sequential manner. You can download the PHP script @ Drupal2Wordpress. Working on this migration task gave me a good insight of Wordpress and Drupal Database structure.

The script is basic and it works for me, didn’t had much of comment and users and hence those entity are skipped but if some one needs than then we can work to fix it.

Any question feel free to get in touch.

Happy Migrating.