You got work to do and a deadline to beat but you don’t feel like working yet. So instead of starting the project, you do other things like checking emails. Situations like this usually occur especially if you are into a major project. These are the times when you procrastinate.

Procrastination is an act wherein you do miscellaneous things instead of doing high-priority tasks. You also find some reasons which for you are valid in order to do away with doing that important task. But this behaviour is a big no no especially if you have deadlines. Hence, if you tend to procrastinate, here are some tips to help you learn how to stop procrastinating as a designer.

  1. Start doing it.
  2. Break big task into parts.
  3. Make a timeline and a to do list.
  4. Look for the apt ambiance.
  5. Have a companion.
  6. Face your fear.
  7. Do away with procrastination pit-stops.
  8. Identify your strength and weaknesses.
  9. Avoid stress.
  10. Finish your tasks.

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