What is the first thing your visitor will notice when they visit your website? Chances are, they'll be drawn straight to the visual graphics on your page. This will grab their attention and prompt them to engage with your content.

Considering typography in web design goes far beyond simply choosing the font style you want to use. The importance of typography is often overlooked with little consideration. There are many factors to think about as it will affect the way in which your content is read and the readability of your website in general. Typography is a form of communication which needs to be well executed as a connection between your website and visitor is essential for success.

A lot of designers will use typefaces and fonts that they find appealing and won't think about what goes into the balance of the visual graphics and content that is being displayed. The relationship between the elements plays a very important role in successful typography.

The difference between good and average typography is that good typography will allow the visitor to read and process the information on the page in sequence of relevance and importance. Emphasised points will be highlighted purely through the way in which it is displayed.

See : http://goo.gl/VC4Wl