Let's face it: the first time you put something out there, it's not going to be your best work. Andy Warhol got an earful of advice from his agent, Ernest Hemingway's editor made him sound better, and Joan Rivers is still visiting her plastic surgeon for further touch-ups.

And this is absolutely the case for your internet marketing efforts. Quite frankly, your first pass might have the wrong headline, a less-than-optimal layout and probably even a poor call to action. But have no fear, because by trying new variations and seeing how they test for your website, you will test and improve it.
By implementing this test-and-improve method, you can get more leverage and output from the same amount of input, just by making minor changes. Here are a few basic avenues that have been proven to show results:
  • Different Wording
  • Different Colors
  • A Variety of Banner Ads

See : http://goo.gl/ZJCc1