The existence and the progress of a blog depends in a great proportion on the traffic received; few visitors mean poor quality posts, a good amount of readers is equivalent with higher standards. A lot of blogs and bloggers state that the quality of the posts is decisive – true affirmation, but it isn't the only factor. Definitely, there is no online presence to have a good traffic unless a SEO campaign is launched while getting to the final point with positive results. Other important players in the success of a blog are the spreading through social networks, the age of the respective blog, the topics presented, and the expertise of the authors and so on.

Writing quality posts is pretty easy matter to say, the difficulties come when it is to put in practice. Each blogger has his own little secrets to write valuable posts but these don't work always and aren't a 100% sure, the magic recipe of writing only the best articles wasn't discovered yet. Here is only a list of tips, inspired from my experience and from other bloggers-it could or not work for you but anyway, it is good to read it carefully to see if these could be used by you. I am very happy if someone believes another tip should be added here or, generally, every opinion is welcomed.

  1. The process of becoming an elitist blogger is enduring
  2. The research-the decisive phase
  3. Read, understand, and learn
  4. The effective process of writing
  5. The feedback and post publishing actions

The job of a blogger didn't finish after publishing a post and many bloggers really neglect or worst, ignore it. The feedback and post publishing actions are important in the process of “branding” (in fact, after many years and good posts we can speak about a brand). The readers will feel that they are truly important if they receive a strong and prompt reply at their comments and observations; here the idea of community is born and a blogger should be the leader of it. Don't forget, a community is the perfect source of traffic!
In a nutshell, to attract people to your website is a difficult and enduring process but with patience and quality everything is possible.

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