We all, at some point in our lives, must have witnessed the '404' error message while browsing over the internet. The reasons behind this error message are quite simple. Either the page has been renamed, removed or moved from its previous location. The term 404 is not an understandable term for a common man. Therefore, whenever a not-so-technical person encounters this error message, the only option left for him is to either close the window or go back. A person related to IT will definitely understand the technicalities behind the 404 message.

If you are a webmaster, you need to make sure that your visitors do not end up on 404 pages. There are numerous ways to avoid having these 404 pages on your website and today we are going to discuss those ways. Trust me on this; even if your website is working absolutely fine, your visitors are bound to get a 404 error message at some point. If your visitors get to encounter this error once in a blue moon, that should not be an issue as you won't be losing out on a visitor but if such error messages are too often, visitors will stop coming to your website. Make it a fun 404 page, similar to a fun postcard printing campaign an ad agency would use.

Following are a few tips for you to improve the 404 kind error messages so that you can make lives easier for those who are encountering these messages.

  1. Using IT Terminology Should be Avoided
  2. Help the User in Solving Matters
  3. Educate Your Visitors
  4. Apologizing to the User
  5. Do not Make Your User Go in Circles
  6. 404 Page Link to Homepage
  7. Be Available
  8. The Design of 404 Error Page
  9. Amending the Broken Links

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