Often times, what seems like a simple vision for a new project in your head turns into a boondoggle in the implementation phase, as different teams butt heads over the course of the development process.  Stop me if this sounds familiar…

You've recently begun work on a new web app, but while your UX worker is convinced that the product's interface or backend should be built in one way to enhance usability, your developer has an entirely different vision for how the product should be structured.  In the best case scenario, these conflicts might hold up your product's progress temporarily – at worst, they'll derail its completion and future success entirely!
Fortunately, it is possible to get your UX team and your developers to play nice together by keeping the following guidelines in mind:
Step #1 – Set clear project goals and expectations
Step #2 – Conduct weekly "design review meetings"
Step #3 – Alternate who is leading
Step #4 – Put stuff up on your walls
Step #5 – Base changes on customer feedback