While some people make it look easy, building a startup is no simple task.

Startups are hard work. To succeed, entrepreneurs must build a compelling product or service.

A stunning customer list is always helpful, but it won’t guarantee a company’s success. There are countless pitfalls that could prevent a startup from succeeding.

Some entrepreneurs may be tempted to hide their shortcomings with a bunch of overused buzzwords. However, they need to remember that there is a fine line between “disruption” and “interruption,” the latter of which will only serve as an annoyance that is quickly ignored.

Before entrepreneurs can even attempt to disrupt an industry, they must first attract the attention of potential customers. That takes time, dedication, perseverance — and in some cases, manual labor.

  1. It All Starts With the Team
  2. Be Shameless
  3. Don’t Take Money From Everyone
  4. Not Everyone Will Like Your Product
  5. Build Your Network Today, Build Your Product Tomorrow

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