Your social graph is determined by the quality of conversations, people on the network and information exchanged you and your network members. Hence, it's important to adopt some best practices (Dos) and refrain from indulging in certain kind of untoward behavior (Don'ts) while interacting on a day-to-day basis. Though, you may think that your posting does not make any difference on a 'casual' site like Facebook or MySpace, it all adds to your social image.

Facebook Do's and Don'ts for Individuals
Do's for Individuals
  1. Reciprocate
  2. Pay attention to the network's updates
  3. Keep track of important events/days
  4. Link friends
  5. Show Gratitude & Share
  6. Know likes/dislikes
  7. Keep profile updated
Don'ts for Individuals
  1. Don't add complete strangers
  2. Don't post confidential Information
  3. Don't eschew privacy
  4. Don't post on contentious Issues
  5. Don't post impromptu videos/pictures
  6. Don't click on any suspicious (unknown) link
Facebook Do's and Don'ts for Firms/Brands
Do's for Firms/Brands
  1. Maintain Messaging Consistency
  2. Plan well for 'IF, THEN, ELSE' manner
  3. Prepare for ASAP 'fixing'
  4. Customize content adapting to latest trends
  5. Engage the Audience
  6. Make customers feel good
  7. Use Interactive third-party applications
Don'ts for Firms/Brands
  1. Don't make it a monologue
  2. Don't ignore negative comments/feedback
  3. Don't post 'updates' unnecessarily
  4. Don't involve in unnecessary arguments on the 'wall'
  5. Don't delete your status update/post
  6. Don't concentrate only on selling
  7. Don't indulge in a conflict with your competitors