Acting confident doesn't mean that you'll always get your way. But let's face it: How you interact matters. In fact, how you act when you communicate may matter as much as and sometimes more than the words that you say.

Imagine someone asking for a raise. One person does so with a smile and straightforward gaze, while another says the same words with a frown and stares at her shoes or hangs her head.
Your body language and style not only affect whether you get what you want, but also the way you feel about yourself. Sometimes we interact in ways that diminish our own self-confidence.
It's vital to your own sense of self-worth to interact in a way that makes you feel effective, rather than helpless. Interestingly, you don't have to be confident to act confident. In the case of communication, actions often precede feelings. Act confident and you just might find that you're feeling better about yourself, as well.
  1. Stable and clear voice tone
  2. Making eye contact
  3. Listening to others
  4. No attacks or threats
  5. Speak from the heart
  6. Look for win-win solutions
  7. Use humor
  8. Express Gratitude
  9. Apologize when in the wrong
  10. Acknowledge others

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