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6 Reasons Why I Won’t Read Your Blog

When you’re surfing the net, reading up on your favorite topics, what makes you read the sites you visit? Why do you stick around? These are very important questions to ask yourself, because when it comes to getting people...

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10 Essential Design Elements of a Blog

Blogs have increased in popularity lately and nowadays there are a lot of people that decide to put their thoughts online so blogging is pretty much the easiest way to do it. Even though blogs are considered to be easier in...

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6 Useful Techniques to Put Up a Better Blog

It’s an age of technology and internet and these two sources has create a large number of departments for survival, in the flux of internet blogging is also one of the department which is a source of survival for many...

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Should You Buy Traffic for Your Blog?

Launching a blog is a fun and exciting venture, especially when it’s your first attempt at monetizing your written thoughts. But, as you may have recently discovered, it can take some time to get your readership and daily...

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