There are times in life where everything goes well, people like your work and you get more and more clients. But sometimes the “business” stops, work flow decreases, you get bored and uninspired, and you stagnate. The reasons behind this can vary, but mostly it’s just because you’re feeling uninspired and have lost your drive. It’s very easy to lose inspiration, when we are not surrounded by a learning and inspirational community.

You know you love what you do, so don’t quit. In order to counteract the situation, you need to go further, learn new things, and adopt new work methods. You will find out that maybe you just need a push or build your own motivation and energy to go forward, or that maybe you are just afraid to step up.

So grab a pen and get ready for new resolutions.

  1. A Tutorial a Day
  2. Do What They Do
  3. Redecorate Your Workspace
  4. Read Books, Magazines, and Interviews
  5. Build Relationships
  6. Grab a Moleskine
  7. Read Design Blogs
  8. Plan Your Days
  9. Try New Software

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