Success, more than anything, is an attitude you carry about yourself and your life. We are all capable of confidence, of having it all, losing it all and gaining it back again and again. It is tempting to give up and claim defeat when the chips are down. Fear and frustration are the two emotions most responsible for quitting. We must learn to bear both if we are to reach the levels of success we desire. Being a go-getter is something that will wax and wane throughout your career, so it is wise to view it as a virtue to be practiced rather than something to be mastered in a single decision.

  1. Embrace failure.
  2. Pay your dues.
  3. Make no room for negative.
  4. Maximize your strengths.
  5. Create a state of strong positive emotion.
  6. Walk with confidence.
  7. Practice gratitude.
  8. Use humor.