Business Insider recently released its 2015 list of The 50 Best Companies To Work For In America, based on exclusive data from PayScale.
This year, Facebook tops the list, ranking as the best place to work in America. The social networking site just beats out Google, which comes in at No. 2.

Clearly, both tech giants are great employers, but why is Facebook a better place to work than Google?

To answer that question, we compared the two companies head to head with the help of data from PayScale and Glassdoor.

  1. Facebookers are happier.
  2. They get more freedom.
  3. They make more money.
  4. They’re less stressed.
  5. They consider their work more meaningful.
  6. The hiring process is less difficult.
  7. A smaller team means more room for growth.
  8. They love the generous benefits, especially those for parents.

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