The mobile revolution has inspired major and minor websites alike to have a mobile version. Mobile versions can be created using themes, extensions, and other modifications.

While developing mobile version, you may want to test it on two, three, or even five different mobile handsets. After development, you are not aware how it will appear in each mobile present on this Earth as you have to buy each of them to test it manually.

Let us make this work simple for you by collecting some tools in this article to test the mobile version of your website.

You can test your mobile website on these tools, analyze it for the mistakes/errors, and then optimize it according to the recommendations. Let us have a look at some of the mobile testing applications available online.

  1. W3C mobileOK Checker
  2. Ready.Mobi
  3. Google Mobile Testing
  4. iPad Peek
  5. Test iPhone
  6. Gomez
  7. Opera Mobile Emulator
  8. BOLT Demo

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