People who do have little or no time to maintain Facebook profiles, can do seven things to at least minimize the damage when their account gets hacked, a report has said.

Firstly, change your name. If you tweak your name just a little, or use a nickname, it will be easier for you after the inevitable hack.

Opening more than one account can also help. It violates Facebook’s terms of service, but 80 million accounts already do it, says privacy expert John Sileo.

Secondly, stop geotagging your photos. Geotagging includes the latitude and longitude where a picture was taken, the Huff Post reports.

Thirdly, lie about your age as it is a key piece of information needed to steal your identity.

The fourth and one of the most important rules is that do not store your credit card information on the site, the report said.

According to the report, another important step is to ‘have some boundaries’. For example when Facebook asks you where your photo was taken, keep it to yourself.

Don’t brag about new cars, especially if your photos show where you keep the keys in your kitchen, the report said.

The sixth important step is to go through your timeline and remove posts that provide personally identifiable information.

Lastly, deactivate your account. You can’t get hacked if you don’t have an account, the report said.

And the most important ‘bonus Pro Tip’ according to the report is: ‘Don’t use your Facebook password anywhere else. That’s making it way too easy for the bad guys.’