Working under pressure is hell for everyone and, usually, all the frustrations and negative feelings are directed towards a single person: the boss. He is the one who pushes the limits of the subordinates who, of course, cannot always be 100% satisfied with the decisions taken. There are people who have decided that having a boss is unbearable, joining a freedom loving community – freelancers. They form an interesting group having some elements in common, as: they gain money by working individually as freelance employers, the job may be done from home and almost all these are possible thanks to the existence of the Internet. Apparently, the dream of having no stupid boss is turning into a loving reality but, be certain, there are enough negative aspects to take into consideration.

One of the most important negative aspects is the beginning – the world is full of talented and experienced freelancers, so how could someone lacking any experience gain a project? The answer, paradoxically, is very simple and at hand: nobody, but nobody was born experienced and having a full list of clients waiting for him. Becoming a successful freelancer isn't an easy task but adding up with a huge and constant effort, everything is possible.

  1. Patience and hard work
  2. Be optimistic and enhance your motivation
  3. Have a strong portfolio
  4. Establish a clear schedule
  5. Use the freelance job boards intensively
  6. Never accept to be humiliated
  7. Ask for feedback and evaluate your progress

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