There are a whole slew of developers writing amazing and practical code and there are thousands of public code repositories on sites like GitHub. Meanwhile, the rest of us are content with just cutting and pasting the code of these industry geniuses.

For the majority, it seems that true coding has become a lost art. Almost every project, it seems, now uses some sort of library/framework or contains a heap of plugins.

It's rare to see any front-end coding project truly start from scratch anymore.

In this article, I thought I would give some somewhat off-the-wall tips on improving your skill as a front-end coder.

These tips will likely not be used when coding paid client projects where time and budget are factors. These are tips that we can put into practice in our own personal projects or in our spare time to try to improve our coding abilities and problem-solving skills.

While I do think the tips below can contribute to a developer becoming a stronger coder, they may not always be practical.

  1. Write Your Own Framework
  2. Don't Use Developer Tools
  3. Don't Use a Browser
  4. Don't Use a Code Generator
  5. Type Book Code Examples By Hand
  6. Use a Vanilla Text Editor
  7. Re-Invent the Wheel

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