A content specialist prefer web designs that support content rather than conflict with or ignore it. Web designers should have a real appreciation of content strategybecause it is crucial in launching a successful blog.

For blog design, content issues are particularly important to pay attention to, because, fundamentally, the purpose of a blog is to deliver quality content to a strategically defined audience or community.
For that reason, web design and content must never work at cross-purposes. Here are a few tips for web designers creating weblogs.
  1. Design with the Topic, Value Proposition and Audience in Mind
  2. Pay Attention to Details
  3. Don't Be Too Unorthodox: Follow Blog Design Patterns
  4. Have the Sidebar on the Right of the Web Layout
  5. Image Placement and Selection Need Serious Consideration
  6. Put Careful Consideration on Ad Placement
  7. Determine What's Appropriate: Diary or Magazine Format?
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