A FAQ – frequently asked questions – should be an important part of your website or service. They speed up the help for your users by not waiting for a response from support, and thus save time by not having to repeatedly answer the same questions. Unfortunately, many websites and services have FAQs that are well, to be frank, unusable. They’re either too long, don’t actually feature real questions and are in no way helpful or useful.

Not to worry though – just because many FAQs suck doesn’t mean yours has to. If you’re looking for some simple tips – rather than something ultra-specific and niche – here are 7 best help & FAQ usability tips.

  1. Include actual frequently-asked questions
  2. Speed up getting those questions by asking
  3. Keep it simple
  4. Organize your FAQ in what makes most sense
  5. Consider calling your FAQ something else
  6. Reassure users their questions aren’t stupid
  7. Place your FAQ where it’s easy to access

See : http://goo.gl/0JiUB