You know how to count, so tell me how many times you have come across websites that look really good yet you feel totally frustrated and fed up when you try to explore the website. You could not remember it correctly and you have good reasons to be. Cutting through the clutters, takes a lot of doing and makes us disinterested and force us to bounce back and browse another website. It is really pathetic to face websites that boast of great design yet failed to live up to expectation because of poor conceptualization, awful functionality and less than impressive usability. As a designer, it is your moral duty to increase users’ experience of your website but how on earth you can achieve it if the basic structure of your website is not set properly. Here we are going to share some rules of thumb that will give you an idea how you can enhance UI of your website:

  1. Experiment With Sanity
  2. Get the Feedback
  3. Have a Custom Search Option
  4. Make Your Website Highly Flexible
  5. Maintain Consistency in Navigation
  6. Make It Touch Screen Friendly

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