WordPress is the blogging platform of choice at the moment and continues to keep its title in that regard for the future too. But as with anything that gains popularity in this world it becomes more prone to attack than less well known blogging platforms. And with WordPress you need to take your security seriously from the start or risk losing your business and all the hard work that went into it.

Here’s a random fact to make you sit up and pay attention – there are several hundred thousand attempted WordPress hacks every single day. And a lot of them are successful because people don’t know how to protect their blog from even the most basic of hacks.

  1. The main things not to do are:
    • Don’t use your SSN as your password.
    • Don’t use your birthday or any other obvious personal information as your password.
    • Never write your passwords down (yes some people still do this).
    • Never share your password with anyone else.
  2. No Default Usernames
  3. Keep WordPress Updated
  4. Login Lockdown
  5. WP Firewall

See : http://goo.gl/A3dQV