No matter how successful your business is, if you don't come to terms with these five truths about being an entrepreneur then you're doomed to be disappointed.

Deep down, every entrepreneur is the same. No matter how old or young, no matter what kind of business they're in, no matter how much experience they have. There are five realities about being an entrepreneur that no one can escape.
This is based around the fact that every single person-at their core-is an inventor, and possesses the ability to invent an extraordinary business. This business does not simply exist to make a profit, but exists to solve a problem in our world-the exact problem that the inventor is most passionate about solving.
Reality No. 1: An Entrepreneur is an Inventor
Reality No. 2: Entrepreneurs Do Not Buy Business Opportunities; They Create Them
Reality No. 3: Invention is Contagious
Reality No. 4: To an Entrepreneur, the Success of the Invention-the Business-is Measured by Growth
Reality No. 5: Everyone Possesses the Ability to Be an Entrepreneur