They say that ignorance is bliss and knowledge is power but somewhere between these clichés there's a spot reserved for individuals who possess a little too much knowledge to be blissful but still only enough knowledge to be dangerous.

SEO, as an industry, is known unfortunately for the mass of rumours, myths, mistruths and unscrupulous gurus. This in part stems from the search engines' unwillingness to discuss their algorithms (this lack of disclosure is completely understandable). This breeds a culture of myths where newbies and veterans alike get caught out by nothing more than hearsay that gains traction.

The aim of this post is to try and dispel some of the more widely held SEO myths:

  1. Google is the Only Search Engine
  2. You Need to Submit Your Website to Google
  3. You Can 'SEO' a Website Just Once
  4. You don't need to worry about SEO
  5. Your Rankings Don't Matter
  6. An XML Sitemap Will Boost Your Rankings
  7. Keyword Domains Trump All Other Tactics
  8. Copying a Competitor = A Strategy
  9. Meta Data is Worthless
  10. You Can Learn SEO by Reading Up
  11. Google Adwords Can Hurt/Help Your Rankings
  12. Google Will Never Figure Out What I'm Up To
  13. Scraping is a Content Strategy
  14. Keyword Density Rules
  15. You Should Crank Out as Much Content as Possible
  16. There's an Ideal Wordcount
  17. It's All About Great Content
  18. PageRank is the Only Metric That Matters
  19. Toolbar PageRank and PageRank Are the Same Thing
  20. Quantity of Links is What Matters
  21. No-follow = Not Worth It

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