As every good designer knows, a logo is about more than looking cool. A quality logo also needs to stand out and be recognized among the slew of others in the same market space. It should deliver an immediate and positive association with its company and products. Also, obviously, it has to satisfy your client, who is the one wanting the logo in the first place. How do you achieve all of these goals? The secret lies in the prep work. When you gather the right information before beginning your design work, you improve your designs, not to mention save yourself lengthy redesign work.

Questions to Ask Your Client

  1. How Would You Describe Your Company in 1-2 Sentences?
  2. What Keywords Describe Your Business?
  3. What Makes Your Company Distinct?
  4. Who Is Your Target Market?
  5. Who Are Your Main Competitors?
  6. What Are Some Logos You Like and Dislike?
  7. Why Are You Looking for a New Logo?
  8. How Will You Use the Logo?
  9. Do You Have Color Preferences?
  10. Do You Have a Crucial Tagline?
  11. How Quickly Do You Need It?
  12. What’s Your Budget?
  13. Is There Anything Else You Want Me to Know?

Questions to Ask Yourself

  1. Are the Client’s Expectations Reasonable?
  2. Can I Deliver What the Client Wants?
  3. Have I Communicated Clearly with the Client?