A common query among the internet users is that they need to know how can they enhance the speed of WordPress apps and optimize the plugins. Frankly speaking, this is never a cumbersome process as there are certain skilled tips that work towards speeding up WordPress experience. But, in this context it is crucial to remember that the major consideration you need to take into account is the size of the site you own.

The method you will follow will vary according to that. Anyway, getting back to the context, the tips we have compiled here function differently to suit every WordPress user. While some works in decreasing the website loads, others may adjust the speed and while still others will squeeze the context of a massive website. All these will automatically enhance the speed of WordPress experience.
  1. Be careful about plugins
  2. Cache management
  3. Hosting provider must be carefully chosen
  4. Optimize the images to be used
  5. Be wise about video posting
  6. Database optimization is mandatory
  7. Themes regulate speed
  8. Front page posts should be avoided
  9. Disallow options of hot links
  10. Regular trash cleaning
  11. Avoid too much of communication
  12. Compress files and images or combining them
  13. Ensure code cleanup

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