Evidence and research has shown that happier workplaces bring significant benefits, both for the people who work there and crucially for organisations too.

Happier people are not only healthier but are also more creative, more productive, better to work with and, needless to say, more successful.

Working for some companies today is considered very cool. These companies are known to be some of the world’s best employers — free food, time devoted to personal projects, free transportation etc. Nothing wrong with all this. However, for a moment sit back and think what are the actual factors that will help you find happiness at work.

  1. Choose to be happy
  2. Take responsibility for knowing what’s happening at work
  3. Don’t attribute to malice what might be a genuine mistake
  4. Thank people
  5. Make commitments you can keep
  6. Practice professional courage
  7. Know your bottom line
  8. Make friends
  9. Ask for feedback
  10. Do something you love every single day