Let's face it, while receiving money can be very addictive, invoicing is a total nightmare for freelancers, especially designers with artistic talent. However, the truth side about the freelance business is you not only need your design skill to succeed, but carefully and wisely managed invoicing to keep you business going smooth without troubles from the financial side, or frustration from the client side.

invoice professionally 10 Tips to Invoice Your Freelance Clients Professionally
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We talk about professionalism, but in fact all you need is to do it right. Choosing the right invoicing software, implement the right policies and charge method, asking for a right payment method, manage the invoice record right, this article is all about sharing the right tips for you to do the right invoicing. So learn from the tips right, then you're on the right way on doing the right and most importantly, professional invoicing. Full detail after jump!

  1. Using Good Invoicing Software
  2. Come Up with Your Policies
  3. Stick to Your Policies
  4. Think about Your Charges
  5. Include Services and Charges
  6. Accepted Methods of Payments
  7. When Are the Payments Due?
  8. Include Your Contact Details
  9. Number your Invoices
  10. Keeping A Record of Invoices
  11. Bonus: Make Follow Ups

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