It is time to discuss about what readers, in general, would want to read and what they don't want to. There are just writings that people tend to flock to or avoid at any cost. There are several factors involved in identifying what readers will surely want to read, regardless of the subject.

Writing is not just about generating income, it is also an art that should be made closer to perfection with every words. Below are some tips that I see effective writers apply.

  1. Avoid redundant sentences.
  2. If there's a word for it, use it.
  3. It is always 'your' not 'our'.
  4. Do not command, just suggest.
  5. Strong words, strong memory.
  6. Let them guess.
  7. Figures of speech.
  8. Humor.
  9. Try before suggesting.
  10. Read others' work.

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