Whenever you try to get a job, you will always prepare a resume. Of course, everyone wants to get the job they want. Making the right resume is one key to get your desired post. A graphic design resume is a bit more challenging for you have to show your prowess in lay-outing and designing through your resume. Along with it, you also have to make sure you have written the right contents.

In this article, we will share to you some things that you need to consider in writing a graphic design resume.

  1. The Paper Quality.
  2. The Layout.
  3. The Typography.
  4. The Structure and Presentation.
  5. The Needed Contents.
  6. The Not Needed Contents.
  7. The Cover Letter.
  8. Have a Consistent Theme.
  9. Limit Number of Pages.
  10. Organize Entries Chronologically.

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