Google’s engineers are brewing in their cauldron of awesomeness applications that can make user experience better. Over the years they have come up with several useful applications like Google Reader, Google Maps, and Google Trends to name a few. Although most of the applications are still experimental and are still faulty, major features are truly groundbreaking.

I have gathered 10 truly useful applications that can be used for everyday life either for fun or for serious business. Remember, if you find a bug or you have something in mind that can make these applications better, don’t forget to send your feedback at Google Labs.

  1. App Inventor for Android
  2. Google Fast Flip
  3. Aardvark
  4. Google Goggles
  5. Google Shopper
  6. Gesture Search
  7. Google Shared Spaces
  8. Google Listen
  9. Google Scribe
  10. Google News Timeline

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