Blogs have increased in popularity lately and nowadays there are a lot of people that decide to put their thoughts online so blogging is pretty much the easiest way to do it.

Even though blogs are considered to be easier in handling, meaning that you don't really have to be a developer or a web designer to start a blog; you will still have to follow some standards that will help you send the right message. There are several tips I will share with you on choosing the right design elements for your blog, as blogging is one of my hobbies as well.

These are just 10 of them that I consider to be more important but if I am missing out something you can feel free to add other useful tips in the comments.

  1. Custom Header and Footer
  2. User-friendly Navigation
  3. Search Bar
  4. RSS and E-mail subscription
  5. Social sharing buttons
  6. Make room for comments
  7. The "About Me" Page
  8. White Space to Improve Readability
  9. Archives
  10. Turn off the music

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