The 10 Don'ts of Web Content Writing

Writing is not everyone's cup of tea. If I say that even writing is a form of art, it won't be wrong. In order to be a developer or a designer, one needs to get proper training even if he or she is naturally gifted. Same goes for writers as you might have the spark of writing but without proper training, you cannot write perfect articles. It doesn't matter how informative you are in your writing, if you are not aware of communicating things in a proper way, your target readership is not going to take it as a call-to-action. So, if you want to take writing as a profession, you need to learn a few techniques and avoid a few bad writing habits.

No body is perfect and even as a writer, I would be making a lot of mistakes and at times it gets difficult to understand the reason behind why your articles are not being liked as they are perfect according to you. Writing website content is similar to writing copy for brochures, you need to sell your brand.

Following are a few faults that we as writers commit on regular basis and they need to be avoided on order to become a good writer.

  1. Don't go for an Old Writing Style
  2. Don't Write Lengthy Paragraphs
  3. Don't Create Puzzles
  4. Don't Put up Monotonous Content
  5. Don't Try to Copy Others
  6. Don't De-track Your Mind
  7. Don't be too Complicated in Language
  8. Don't Underestimate the Importance of Feedback
  9. Don't Let Your Ego Interfere Your Creativity
  10. Don't take Grammar for Granted

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